Inside the mind-blowing world of realistic sex dolls

When you think about sex toys, you most likely imagine vibrators, cock rings, nipple stimulators and other commonplace products. Few of us would consider investing in a sex doll; after all, you’ve probably only seen them in whacky, eccentric documentaries… they’re not actually something people invest in, right? Wrong! Sex dolls are soaring in popularity and they’re looking more life-like than ever before.

My name’s Gabriela Rocha and I’m the CEO of, a leading sex doll retailer. When it comes to these unique toys, I’ve seen and heard it all; from people who want to enjoy a girlfriend-like experience to those with very specific kinks. Sex dolls are catering for a range of sexual fantasies as they redefine the adult industry. They’re truly mind-blowing and promise to exceed all of your expectations…

Sex dolls are becoming a sex toy of choice for men and women from across the globe and it’s time we understand why they’re so popular. To share a peak into this mysterious world, I am inviting you to see behind the Stuffgoodies curtain… from how sex toys are made to what they’re used for, our eclectic clientele and more, I’m here to answer your wildest sex doll questions.

Firstly, the process of creating a sex doll is not simple; they’re incredibly lifelike as every part of them is tailored to fulfil the unique desires of each client. As such, they take longer to create than many would expect – they’re not thrown together and distributed from a factory overnight, they truly are a piece of art. 

At, our realistic sex dolls are built on a metal skeleton from TPE. We choose to use TPE because the material makes our dolls much smoother than if we used silicone alternatives; they subsequently feel more life-like instead of simply like plastic toys. Typically, people who choose to invest in a sex doll do so because they want to enjoy an intimate, realistic experience; providing them with a product which feels completely fake wouldn’t satisfy their needs. However, the importance of a life-like doll extends far beyond a skin-like touch. Using TPE makes our dolls more flexible, meaning our customers can try any sex position they like and the dolls move in an incredibly life-like way. When the doll moves back and forth, their breasts and bums move as they would in reality. It’s this detail that sets sex dolls apart from traditional sex toys; they don’t just feel like a toy, they really do feel like a companion in bed.

The process by which sex dolls are made begins with designers sketching out a design based on a client’s requests. We have 6 pre-designed heads on our site which can be placed on bodies of varying heights, weights and measurements. Once the design has been completed, a metal skeleton is then placed into the correct mould. Our carefully chosen TPE blend is poured in, being left to set completely. All of our moulds are designed with our clients’ sexual preferences in mind; they’re curvaceous and completely bespoke.

When the mould has set, the doll is brought to life. We add every feature individually, including breasts, nipples, vaginas and pubic hair. There are hundreds of options available to our clients, they’re never stuck for choice! Once these features have been added, the doll is ready to be delivered. 

As the CEO of a leading sex doll retailer, I am often asked about the safety of sex dolls. After all, no one wants to get stuck or have an allergic reaction! Fortunately, our TPE sex dolls are completely hypoallergenic. This means users can relax; they don’t have to use protection if they don’t want to and needn’t be concerned about sensitive skin.

Throughout 2020 we have seen our sex doll sales boom. Why? Well, because sadly Covid-19 has left us isolated in our homes and many subsequently feeling very lonely. We’ve seen a staggering number of customers embrace sex dolls as a source of intimacy, connection, fun and sexual exploration. Coronavirus has entirely redefined the ways by which we interact, date and, yes, have sex! For lots of people, sex dolls have been an ideal solution. It’s also important to note that our sex dolls haven’t only been endorsed by singles who want to enjoy some great sex during lockdown; couples have been buying them too, in an effort to spice up their bedroom activity. Meanwhile, we saw a spike in sales when Biden was elected! Whether people are celebrating, feeling adventurous or feeling lost, sex dolls are becoming an increasingly popular choice to satisfy their needs and inspire a sense of connection.

When it comes to how our customers use their dolls behind closed doors, nothing is off limits. That’s why people love sex dolls so much – they allow you to explore any fantasy you wish within the privacy of your home. We have a live chat function on our website which means I’m inundated with crazy stories; some men haven’t had sex for years for whatever reason, some women want to explore their sexuality with a female doll and some want to practice their obscure fetishes (everything from BDSM to body fluid fetishes) without fear of judgement. Basically, if there’s a kink out there, you can (and someone probably has) try it with a sex doll.

Within the adult industry 2020 has been the year of sex dolls so we can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store. People are becoming more open-minded and accepting than ever before; our attitudes are shifting and as a collective community the world isn’t as judgemental as has been in years gone by, especially when it comes to sexuality. We of course have a long way to go but if the popularity of sex dolls shows us anything, it’s that we’re fascinated with new, obscure, exciting sexual avenues. 

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