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Clitoral Vibrators use suction and pressure waves for delicate clitoral stimulation that some people say is very close to the sensation of oral sex. The intensity of pleasure automatically increases the harder it’s pressed against the body.

Clitoral Vibrators

Svakom Amy G-Spot Vibrator


Clitoral Vibrators

Satisfyer Curvy 2

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Wand Vibrators usually a long base and a vibrating head. They can provide broad and (really) intense external clitoral stimulation and incredible orgasms! They are also great for perineum stimulation and all those other erogenous areas too.


Rabbit vibrators come in varied shapes and sizes and prove that you can have it all if you choose. The name comes from the external 'rabbit ears' designed to stimulate your clitoris while the internal vibrations simultaneously take you into another world of pleasure.


To some the mysterious G-Spot is an unknown pleasure. To others it is the source of the most intense orgasms ever. New Jack City sell a range of G-Spot vibrators specifically designed to aid your journey of discovery.